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What Patients in Westminster, MD Say About Puritz Chiropractic Center

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.

Review a selection of Puritz Chiropractic Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions. Dr. Allan Puritz

It Feels Like Home

Dr. Alan and the rest of the Crew were just as pleasant as I remember. I will always stick with this practice for care and attention toward being my best self! My body needs attention and my Head/Neck need to come first. That’s our plan and it feels like home! (Without the house work!) ˜Elizabeth S.

The Office is Quiet, Calm and Very Efficient

Dr. Puritz sat and talked with me at length, listening carefully to my concerns and reviewing my paperwork thoroughly. He then introduced me to the ins and outs of chiropractic care, explaining what he was doing and continually reassuring me of my safety (i.e., not falling of his table!). It only took a second visit for me to become comfortable and know what each visit would be like. The office is quiet, calm and very efficient! ˜ Laurie F.

Dr. Puritz Listened to Me

I have been going for over 2 weeks and had noticeable improvement. Dr. Puritz listened to me and explained how he wanted to help correct my posture to alleviate the current pain in my shoulder, neck, and lower back. Looking forward to getting back to good posture and no pain and using strengthening exercises to keep myself out of this situation in the future. Love that I don’t have to wait until I arrive for my appointments. ˜ Nora D.

Very Thorough and Made Me Feel Hopeful

I really appreciated the fact that during my first visit, Dr. Puritz asked a bunch of questions to find the root cause of my pain as opposed to assuming he knew the issue and started adjusting. Dr. Puritz was very thorough and made me feel hopeful that he can help me. There is nothing but good things with his practice and it was only a consultation. ˜ Michael F.


Dr. Pruitz and his staff are exceptional, they go above and beyond to make sure that you are properly taken care of with your health care! I have been to several places over the past few years and Dr. Pruitz is the only doctor who gets me feeling the way that I need to feel! ˜ Joseph M.

Very Knowledgeable

Dr. Puritz is very knowledgeable about my injury without x-rays or MRI and was able to direct me to the correct medical provider that would be able to help me with my injury. ˜ Barbara P.

Very Nice Doctor

Dr. Puritz was a very nice doctor! Through my exam and explained my condition clearly and the proper path to treat it. After the first appointment, my back was in relief already. I will come back here for all future problems/adjustments. ˜ Madison S.

Very Positive Experience

Felt very comfortable from the beginning and throughout. Dr. Purity took the time to answer every question and I never felt I was being rushed through. Very positive experience. ˜ Paul Z.

Excellent Care

I had questions regarding social distancing and cleaning of tables. It was discussed with Dr.Puritz who explained how tables were cleaned and social distancing was improved on my second visit. I had excellent care and concern from all the staff both visits!!!˜ Yvonne J.

I Was Grateful For a Very Quick Appointment

I was a patient many years ago and I let work keep me from staying regular with my visits, but when I got to a desperate place, I was grateful for a very quick appointment. When I walked in I was welcomed back as a family and treated with respect and great care. ˜ Carolyn D.

Attentive and Thorough

I was greeted by Ellen at the front desk when I arrived. She was very nice. Dr Puritz also greeted me when he came out with a patient. When we sat down to discuss my situation, he was very nice, attentive and thorough. I look forward to meeting again after my x-rays to discuss the best plan. ˜ John W.

My Back Has Improved 100%

Being the first visit, I would like to say the experience was not what I was expecting. Everything was explained to me and I didn’t feel like I was just another dollar sign. Dr. Puritz and staff actually listen and care about you and what they can do for you. Even though this was only one visit, I had been struggling with back paying for years, and now it appears that chiropractic care was the answer. My back has improved 100% from the day before I went to see Dr, Puritz. Thank you!! I look forward to a long road to good health, but you are helping me to get there. ˜ Charles S.

Wonderful First Visit

I had a wonderful first visit! I was seen right away, had a very informative consultation with Dr. Puritz, and then we got to work! The office staff was friendly, the equipment was better than what I’ve seen, and I am excited to start feeling better! ˜ Kayla H.

Amazing Doctor

After decades with lower back pain I feel like I’ve become an expert on being a patient. Dr. Puritz is one of the most common sense people I’ve ever met in the medical field. ˜ Anthony J.

Experience Was Awesome

The doctor was very good listening to me and tried to put me at ease. The total experience was awesome. Very very organized. The whole staff was very pleasant. ˜ Joseph C.

Excellent First Visit

Thanks to everyone at the clinic for an excellent first visit. I look forward to working with you in hopes of pain reduction and return to a fully active life. ˜ Loren L.

Totally Satisfied

When I have a problem with aches in my back or joins, Dr. Puritz makes the painful areas much more bearable with just one visit. Over the years, I have been totally satisfied with his techniques he applies to relieve my pains. Thank you Dr. Puritz. ˜ Al N.

Easy to Talk to

I feel very comfortable with Dr. Puritz and his staff having been in chiropractic care for many years. Dr. Puritz offers many ways to take care of structural issues, he is easy to talk to and is very concerned about working with you to get better. ˜ Karen O.

Relaxed Friendly Atmosphere

Relaxed friendly atmosphere. I got an appointment quickly as requested. Since this was my first visit I didn’t know how quickly I could be seen. Taking me ASAP was greatly appreciated. I was in a great deal of pain and getting in to see Dr. Puritz quickly was very important to me. ˜ Vernon S.

Feel Comfortable

I was very nervous/afraid because I have never been to a chiropractor before. Within minutes, I felt comfortable with the doctor and believed I would know why I was having back, hip, and leg pain. Looking forward to my next visit. ˜ Teri G.

Sciatica and Herniated Disc

Dr. Puritz was a life saver for me when I first was referred to him 11 years ago. Because of his chiropractic expertise, he saved me from having to have back surgery after suffering in severe pain from sciatica and a herniated disc. I am grateful to Dr. Puritz and his caring staff for helping me through the most painful 3 weeks I had ever experienced. I continue to see Dr. Puritz every 6 weeks to ensure that I am functioning at an optimal level. Thank you so much Dr. Puritz for your wonderful care, and for lending your ear to me over the years while going through my life’s challenges. ˜ Diana C.