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Meet Dr. Allan Puritz

When I expressed my desire to become a chiropractor I heard people say things like, ‘Chiropractors – who really goes to them?’ or ‘They aren’t real doctors.’ Thankfully, I didn’t pay attention to those naysayers.

Westminster, Maryland chiropractor, Dr. Allan Puritz

Dr. Allan Puritz

Fulfilling a Desire to Help People in Carroll County

Though many chiropractors grew up with chiropractic care due to an injury or shoulder, neck and back pain, Dr. Puritz didn’t have experience seeing the chiropractor. What he did have, and he continues to have is an unwavering commitment to helping people in a natural, hands-on manner.

After researching chiropractic and discovering that it was a noninvasive approach to health care, without drugs or surgery, he became convinced that it was exactly what he’d been looking for. “Chiropractic not only can help to relieve pain, but it can help individuals enjoy optimal health.”

Obtaining a Chiropractic Education

Dr. Puritz earned a B.S. degree in 1990 from Towson State University. He then pursued his Doctor of Chiropractic at The National College of Chiropractic in Chicago. As part of the intensive four-year program, he studied all there was to know about the human body. He also learned how to take and read X-rays as well as practice an array of techniques and treatment modalities.

Staying Active in Westminster

When he’s not at the practice helping his patients, Dr. Puritz enjoys spending time with his wife Kim and their two beautiful daughters Madison and Ashley. He practices what he preaches as he and his entire family get adjusted on a regular basis.

“We don’t get adjusted for pain or illness, but as a way to stay healthy.” He refers to this approach as wellness care, which he prefers to disease management. Other essential components of wellness include proper nutrition, regular exercise and sufficient, quality sleep. “Put together, these form the best medicine possible.”

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