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Puritz Chiropractic Center Fees

You’ll find that our fees are competitive with other offices in the WestminsterMD area.

We will help you work out a plan that can fit your budget.

We understand that this is an investment, your health is your most important commodity!

If you lose something, it costs time or money (or both) to recover it. That’s true whether you lose your keys or your health. How much you’re willing to invest to recover your health is based upon how much you value your health. Everyone values his or her health differently.

We currently participate with all major health insurance carriers and as such accept insurance assignment. For those without health insurance, we have affordable cash plan alternatives that we can review. We will be happy to answer any insurance or payment questions you may have at any time.

Click here to contact Kathy, our office manager/insurance and billing consultant. Call Puritz Chiropractic Center today to make an appointment!

Payment Questions | Puritz Chiropractic Center