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Spinal Adjustments Showed More Improvement and Less Risk

A recent research study showed chiropractic care outperforming injections for symptomatic, MRI-confirmed disc herniations?

Westminster, MD Patients who received chiropractic care instead of injections had nearly 10% MORE IMPROVEMENT!

Not only that, but they avoided the increased risks of spinal fractures (a 21% increased risk of fracture with every injection) and any additional risks of using the medication off-label (yes, believe it or not the FDA has never approved the use of spinal injections for pain relief).

There is a time and place for when a patient may want to receive an injection. Does that mean they should discontinue chiropractic care?

The answer is NO!

Additional research has shown patients who receive chiropractic care after their injection get better results than those who had only the injection alone. That means that nearly every patient in Westminster, Manchester, Finksburg and Hampstead, MD who gets an injection may want to AT LEAST consider chiropractic care to get the best results possible.

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